Fixture Work Progressing

On the outside of our special Target building in Homewood, final paint is ongoing at the entrance atrium and landscape furniture is being set into place. Exterior lighting is being is being trimmed out and turned on.

Inside, on the Target retail level, fixture crews are hard at work. Merchandise shelving is popping up and the final aisles are starting to form on the sales floor. Stock room shelving is also being built. Food Avenue/Starbucks signage is going up and customer tables and chairs are being set into place.

In the atrium, elevator cars are being assembled and tested, Target signage is in place and the glass hand rails are scheduled for installation next week. Entrance lighting is complete and being tested. Ceiling grid panels installation at the parking deck is ongoing and should be completed  next week.

The last of the Target “big red traffic control  balls”  were set in place along with “way finding” signage.

Atrium and Parking Deck Entrances–High Priorities

Construction activities draw to a close at the upper level retail area as we prepare for store fixture activities to begin Dec. 17th. Installation of the food service equipment has started, while work at the atrium and parking deck continues.

Sheathing of atrium exterior ceiling moved forward this week after the installation of the redesigned parapet trim metal. Metal stair installation and concrete pours were completed this week as Cartveyors and Escalator installation was a prerequisite. Framing and sheetrock finishes to these structures is ongoing.

Exterior Final Touches Nearing Completion

The overall appearance of the new Target is near completion, with lighting of Target logos and completion of landscaped areas. Access to the store level is now approachable via the newly installed escalators and cartveyors.

Food Avenue and Starbucks equipment and casework arrived this week. Installation is on-going. Refrigerated case installation is well underway, revealing the new “P-fresh” design, which will include additional food and produce items.

Office area flooring and trim-work have been completed. We look forward to store fixturing, scheduled to begin in the middle of December.


Landscaping Crew Enhances Target Brookwood

Landscaping crews were busy on all sides of the building this week, preparing landscape beds, planting shrubbery and moving trees into place. Mulch followed in the planting beds and sod was placed in the grassed areas. The project is taking on a green glow.

In the atrium, escalators and Cartveyors arrived and are being prepared for lifting into place. Elevator crews are also busy installing the two hydraulic elevators. Ceiling grid installation is complete in the atrium, and crews will work over the weekend installing light fixtures. Food Avenue and Starbucks take their final shape, with the installation of floor and wall tile.


Landscaping for Target


A tractor trailer rolled in this week, bearing  fauna to be planted in the landscaping areas of the new Target at Brookwood Village. Truckloads of  special topsoil, hardwood mulch and sod arrived along with landscaping & irrigation crews, to complete the finishing touches of Target’s green areas.

Planter beds at the entrance atrium are capped with pre-cast stone, awaiting installation of topsoil and plants.

Sales Area flooring progressed, with the installation of VCT and carpeting. Ceramic tile flooring in Food Avenue and food preparation areas is well underway. Above ceiling MEP inspections were cleared and installation of ceiling tile has been approved. Vertical transportation equipment and crews began installation of the two hydraulic elevators. Escalators and cartveyors are scheduled to be onsite early next week.

Grand Atrium Entrance Boasts Multi-facetted Design Features

Hardscape installation is undergoing transformation at the atrium, as integral colored sidewalks are being formed and poured. This special concrete is produced by adding color pigments to the mixture as it is batched. In addition to the unique sidewalks, both ground level landscaping and elevated planters will enhance the building’s entrance.

Ceiling, light fixtures, HVAC grills and registers are complete in the sales floor area. Flooring materials are being received and we anticipate carpet and VCT installation to start the first week in November.

The office areas ceiling grid and above ceiling MEP work is complete and approved for ceiling tile installation. Final sheet rock touch-up is ongoing.

Sheet rock is complete in Food Avenue and Guest Services as well. Painting begins early next week. Internal atrium finishes and above ceiling MEP are now the focus of our efforts.