Cartveyors–Tested and Approved for Use

Work is near completion on all vertical transportation equipment at the new multi-story building in Homewood, Alabama. Factory reps were onsite this week for final testing of the first Cartveyor system in Alabama. This store is equipped with both up and down directional units. They will  take shopping carts down to the parking deck level as Guests ride next to their carts on the escalators.  This system will also allow return carts to the sales floor area.

Elevator and escalator  installation is near completion and final state inspection is scheduled for next week.

In Starbuck’s and Food Avenue, cash registers are being installed and furniture is set into its position. Stainless steel and glass handrails were also completed this week.  Final cleaning crews are scheduled for next week.

At the parking deck level, special metal ceiling grid tiles are set into place, giving the entrance area at the rear of the Atrium a special look.

Atrium Finishes Move Forward

Installation of the unique Julius Bloom Glass hand rail system moved forward this week with the arrival of the tempered glass and stainless steel handrail and base trim. This hand rail system will allow an unimpeded view of our multi-story atrium.

Installation of the EAS System (electronic article surveillance) was completed and tested this week. This system is a technological method for preventing shoplifting.

Additional elevator installation personnel arrived this week as trim-out and final control wiring is completed. Store fixtures arrive daily. Crews worked in the store team management offices, as well as well as the sales floor areas. Electrical crews followed as fixtures are released for final wiring.

In the parking deck, stripping and parking signage installation nears completion.

Target Fixture Crews Onsite and Well Underway

Target fixture crews arrived on schedule and have moved forward with little break for the holidays. Work is well underway and electrical crews are coordinating with power and lighting installation as fixtures are made available.

Final equipment installation is ongoing at Food Avenue and Starbucks, with plumbing and electrical connection near completion. Elevator doors and frames have been installed, which has allowed final wall finishes to move forward.

Interior Target Signage installation is ongoing in the atrium as well as wayfinding signage in the parking deck. Ceiling grind installation is complete at the parking deck entrance to the atrium, and above ceiling work is ongoing. Our goal is for a ceiling cover-up in this area next week.


Store Fixturing Begins Monday

Sales floors have been cleared, swept and protected for the beginning of store fixturing, scheduled to begin on Monday, December 17th. Refrigerated case installation is now complete, and “soft” start-up will also begin on Monday.

Food Avenue casework and equipment installation nears completion. Starbucks is officially announced with signage installation. Elevator installation progressed this week, with the setting of doors and frames.

Atrium trim-out to escalators and Cartveyors is ongoing. Rear entrance storefront was completed. Remaining automatic doors will be installed the early part of next week. Parking deck specialized ceiling grid placement progressed as well.


Target Gets New Finish Flooring

VCT and carpet contractors arrived on-site this week to begin flooring prep work in the sales area. Concrete moisture testing has been approved, and crews started with the installation of  VCT. These finishes are on schedule for the upcoming arrival of refrigerated cases.

Office and conference room ceilings and MEP trim-out was completed this week, in preparation for future flooring installation. Food Avenue and Starbucks area walls were painted and ceiling grid has begun.

Public restrooms received finishing touches on tile operations in preparation for installation of fixtures that will arrive early next week. Entrance atrium walls and above ceiling rough-ins are soon be complete. We anticipate ceiling grid installation to start next week.

Specialized entrance hardscape installation advanced on schedule. Parking level fire protection system testing is ongoing.

Building Exterior Comes Alive

With the of the completion of the Target signage, and the installation of the atrium window wall glass nearing completion, the building’s exterior has revealed its final presentation.

Sidewalks are presently being poured, as well as decorative hardscapes  at the atrium. Above-ground planter walls are being cast, with brick and decorative stone work to follow.

Retail area sales floor features are revealed as ceiling grid, lighting, grills & registers and ceiling tile is installed. Office areas progress, with the completion of painting, doors & ceiling grid installation. Food Avenue and Starbucks areas are taking shape as sheet rock is hung and finished. Restroom finishing takes place with the placement of tile flooring and walls.