Store Fixturing Begins Monday

Sales floors have been cleared, swept and protected for the beginning of store fixturing, scheduled to begin on Monday, December 17th. Refrigerated case installation is now complete, and “soft” start-up will also begin on Monday.

Food Avenue casework and equipment installation nears completion. Starbucks is officially announced with signage installation. Elevator installation progressed this week, with the setting of doors and frames.

Atrium trim-out to escalators and Cartveyors is ongoing. Rear entrance storefront was completed. Remaining automatic doors will be installed the early part of next week. Parking deck specialized ceiling grid placement progressed as well.


Target Gets New Finish Flooring

VCT and carpet contractors arrived on-site this week to begin flooring prep work in the sales area. Concrete moisture testing has been approved, and crews started with the installation of  VCT. These finishes are on schedule for the upcoming arrival of refrigerated cases.

Office and conference room ceilings and MEP trim-out was completed this week, in preparation for future flooring installation. Food Avenue and Starbucks area walls were painted and ceiling grid has begun.

Public restrooms received finishing touches on tile operations in preparation for installation of fixtures that will arrive early next week. Entrance atrium walls and above ceiling rough-ins are soon be complete. We anticipate ceiling grid installation to start next week.

Specialized entrance hardscape installation advanced on schedule. Parking level fire protection system testing is ongoing.

Loading Dock Ready for Use

Concrete pours are complete at the loading dock. Dock doors and levelers have been installed. This makes equipment and material deliveries much more efficient.

The Atrium ground level concrete pours were completed this week. We are now preparing to pour one of our last slab-on-grade pours in the parking deck. Also included is the concrete paving on the east end of the building.

Progress with the Architectural Finish EIFS installation is moving ahead on both the front and east sides of the building. Retail level interior sheet rock installation is progressing in the sales floor area, in anticipation of ceiling grid installation that will take place at the end of the month.

Refrigeration contractors move forward with installation of walk-in coolers at Food Avenue, as well as overhead piping throughout the sales floor. Progress is also being made with overhead and in-wall MEP rough-ins.

All Rooftop Equipment in Place

Rooftop refrigeration equipment arrived August 6, on-schedule. It was hoisted to the roof, using a 150-ton capacity crane. Installation was flawless.

On the sales floor, overhead MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) rough-ins are moving ahead on schedule. The stockroom, food avenue and office area MEP rough-ins moved forward as well.

Final grading and compaction of the sub-grade at the loading dock was completed, inspected and released for placement of dense-graded base for future concrete paving. At the ground level entrance atrium, foundations and placement of dense-graded base for future slab-on-grade is currently being completed.

Final Beam Raising Event a Success

On Tuesday, June 26, dignitaries as listed below met for the final beam raising event. This was in celebration of reaching this project milestone.

  • Target Corporate Representatives
  •  Mayor for the City of Homewood
  • City Council Members for the City of Homewood
  •  Homewood Chief of Police and Staff
  • Original Brookwood Mall Development firm
  • Colonial Properties
  • Target General Contractor – Stewart Perry Executives
  • Subcontractor Executives
  • Birmingham Press Representatives

Construction progress this week, included the following:

  • Receipt of roofing materials
  • Fourth slab-on-grade of parking area
  • Structural stud wall framing on the west side of the building
  • The beginning of MEP rough-in at retail level
  • Installation of roof curbs

The unusually record high temperatures, soaring over three digits has posed a challenge, but progress has continued on schedule.

Largest Elevated Pour – Complete and On Schedule

Our sixth and largest elevated pour was completed this week. We are now 54% complete for overall total elevated slab. Preparations for our seventh pour, which will take place on Saturday, April 28th, are well underway.


We also completed concrete pours at stairwell # 4 in addition to eight support columns for the main slab.

Imported structural fill at the loading dock also progressed this week. We anticipate reaching a level of fill by the week’s end. This will enable installation of site utilities at the truck ramp.

Excavation for the elevator pit was also completed, but we are currently on hold, due to a possible redesign of pit foundation.