Target Brand Set in Place

Sign crews worked diligently this week, hoisting the Target brand bull’s eyes into place. The Target logos have now been placed on the front and east sides of the building. The west side of the building should be completed by the end of this week.

Irrigation crews are now on-site, installing piping and irrigation control wiring throughout all landscaped areas of the project. Elsewhere,

  • Exterior tall light fixtures were erected at the perimeter of the project.
  • Specialized contractors have begun grading and forming concrete around the entrance atrium.
  • Storefront windows are now being dressed up with the arrival of specialized, thermal, insulated glass.
  • The sales area ceiling grid has been completed.
  • Permanent lighting and HVAC grills & registers are now being trimmed out.
  • Hard tile installation has begun in the walk-in coolers. Bathroom and Food Avenue tile will follow.

All office area sheet rock installation is complete and painting is underway. Ceiling grid installation and lighting will commence early next week.

Target Bullseye Arrives Onsite

The famous Target brand bullseye signage arrived this week. Installers were surprised to find that a two story building with a blade wall soaring over 60 feet in the air. “We’re gonna need a bigger truck for this one”, the crew stated, so installation was slightly delayed.  Next week’s post will feature photos of the signage in place.

On the exterior of the building, concrete work progressed with the installation of concrete paving and curb & gutter work for future sidewalks. Final sanitary sewer piping is extended from the building for tie-in to sewer mains.

Interior work moves ahead, as scheduled. We are now installing ceiling grid on the sales floor areas. This will be followed by the installation of light fixtures, HVAC grills & registers and sprinkler trim-out. Truck loads of lighting fixtures were received this week.

In-wall MEP rough-in at Food Avenue/Starbucks has been completed. Wood-blocking of walls is on-going. Sheet rock work will follow.

Work in the atrium progresses, with the use of special tall man-lifts. These lifts allow HVAC duct work to be hung at thirty feet above the finished floor.

On Target With Progress

Target has now officially staked its claim at Brookwood Village, with the erection of two new monument signs erected along Lakeshore Drive and at Brookwood Blvd.

At the main atrium entrance, storefront curtain wall installation along, with window walls on the retail level is progressing on schedule. Glass is to arrive during the week of October 11.

The sales floor area has been cleaned, and painting of walls has started. This operation is the predecessor to the start of ceiling grid installation. Light fixtures are to arrive next week for installation upon the completion of ceiling grid.

Sheet rock has now been hung at the office areas at the front of the store, and finish work in on-going. Painting of these areas will begin next week.

Wall framing and sheet rock operations for Food Avenue are on-going. In-wall MEP rough-in should be completed by the end of this week.

Ground level atrium framing & MEP rough-in is currently moving forward.


Exterior Architectural EIFS Nearing Completion

The exterior architectural details of the building are taking shape, with the completion of the EIFS. Only a small section around the current storefront operations remain.

Our current critical path construction involves completion of above ceiling MEP and sales floor sheet rock installation. Painting crews are due to arrive next week to prepare sales floor area walls for ceiling grid installation. This is scheduled to begin on October 2nd. Ceiling grid support wire installation will also start next week.

Office area MEP in-wall rough-in is now complete, as well as the intricate wood blocking supports. Sheet rock installation is ongoing. This allows ceiling grid to be hung following the sales floor.

Food Avenue framing is now completed, and in-wall MEP rough-in is ongoing. Pharmacy and public restroom framing and MEP rough-in is also finished, with wood blocking and sheet-rock to follow.

Loading Dock Ready for Use

Concrete pours are complete at the loading dock. Dock doors and levelers have been installed. This makes equipment and material deliveries much more efficient.

The Atrium ground level concrete pours were completed this week. We are now preparing to pour one of our last slab-on-grade pours in the parking deck. Also included is the concrete paving on the east end of the building.

Progress with the Architectural Finish EIFS installation is moving ahead on both the front and east sides of the building. Retail level interior sheet rock installation is progressing in the sales floor area, in anticipation of ceiling grid installation that will take place at the end of the month.

Refrigeration contractors move forward with installation of walk-in coolers at Food Avenue, as well as overhead piping throughout the sales floor. Progress is also being made with overhead and in-wall MEP rough-ins.

Exterior Architectural EIFS Progressing

We now have the EIFS finish on the south and west sides of the structure complete. Caulking in those areas is now in progress. EIFS crews are currently progressing on the east side and front of the building.

Final concrete pours at the loading dock apron to Brookwood Boulevard were also completed this week. This allows full access to the loading dock by the end of next week.

In the retail level’s interior, pharmacy and loading dock coiling doors have been installed, tested and inspected. The sales floor area wood blocking and sheet rock activities are moving forward as areas are released with the completion of MEP in-wall rough in.

Sheet rock work in the stock room area is also moving ahead as released. Other exterior walls are currently being insulated, which allows for future installation of sheet rock.