Cartveyors–Tested and Approved for Use

Work is near completion on all vertical transportation equipment at the new multi-story building in Homewood, Alabama. Factory reps were onsite this week for final testing of the first Cartveyor system in Alabama. This store is equipped with both up and down directional units. They will  take shopping carts down to the parking deck level as Guests ride next to their carts on the escalators.  This system will also allow return carts to the sales floor area.

Elevator and escalator  installation is near completion and final state inspection is scheduled for next week.

In Starbuck’s and Food Avenue, cash registers are being installed and furniture is set into its position. Stainless steel and glass handrails were also completed this week.  Final cleaning crews are scheduled for next week.

At the parking deck level, special metal ceiling grid tiles are set into place, giving the entrance area at the rear of the Atrium a special look.