Fixture Work Progressing

On the outside of our special Target building in Homewood, final paint is ongoing at the entrance atrium and landscape furniture is being set into place. Exterior lighting is being is being trimmed out and turned on.

Inside, on the Target retail level, fixture crews are hard at work. Merchandise shelving is popping up and the final aisles are starting to form on the sales floor. Stock room shelving is also being built. Food Avenue/Starbucks signage is going up and customer tables and chairs are being set into place.

In the atrium, elevator cars are being assembled and tested, Target signage is in place and the glass hand rails are scheduled for installation next week. Entrance lighting is complete and being tested. Ceiling grid panels installation at the parking deck is ongoing and should be completed  next week.

The last of the Target “big red traffic control  balls”  were set in place along with “way finding” signage.