Welcome to Targeting Brookwood

After several years of planning, a convenience center came along in 1972, two years before the mall. Now, 40 years after it first opened, the west end of this Homewood favorite is a getting a makeover. Welcome to Targeting Brookwood, where we will keep you updated on construction progress.

1-18-13 Photo # 4

Cartveyors–Tested and Approved for Use

Work is near completion on all vertical transportation equipment at the new multi-story building in Homewood, Alabama. Factory reps were onsite this week for final testing of the first Cartveyor system in Alabama. This store is equipped with both up and down … [Read More...]

1-11-13 photo # 3_DSC0792

Atrium Finishes Move Forward

Installation of the unique Julius Bloom Glass hand rail system moved forward this week with the arrival of the tempered glass and stainless steel handrail and base trim. This hand rail system will allow an unimpeded view of our multi-story atrium. Installation … [Read More...]

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